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The MU Career Center is committed to partnering with faculty and staff to provide them with information, resources, tools, and referrals to help empower our students to identify and achieve their career aspirations. The staff at the Career Center is able to collaborate with you via the following:

  • Consultations

The Career Center staff is eager to have discussions with faculty and staff about incorporating career development into individual courses, undergraduate curriculum and student interactions. Email us to talk further about desired student learning outcomes.

  • Lesson Plans

In the Faculty Resources section below you can view various class-based activities and lessons. The downloadable class lesson plans include a slide deck and optional class activities to fill an entire class period.

  • Recommend a Career Course

Students may benefit from taking SSC 2100 Career Explorations, a one-credit hour course that helps students learn about their interests and develop skills to make informed career decisions.

  • Class Assignments & Presentations

The MU Career Center provides multiple ways to integrate career development into student learning. Faculty and staff may schedule class or group presentations or request course assignments.

  • Videos

View our career ready playlist below or access all videos on our YouTube channel. You can also share Candid Career videos with students highlighting occupations, industries and career advice.

  • Provide Resources

Click on the Student Resources tab above to help connect students with hundreds of multimedia career resources. You can also recommend curated content in the About You tab designed for each class year and unique student populations.

  • Career Readiness

Instructors have the unique opportunity to help students learn about and develop their career readiness competencies. Consider ways you can incorporate career readiness in your classroom.

  • Career Resources

Scroll down to see the top resources we most often recommend to faculty members. Please share materials and make referrals when students inquire about career exploration and career readiness.

  • Share Outcomes Data

The campus conducts an Outcomes Survey which captures post-graduation pursuits and location of recent MU graduates. To view outcomes data by major or student demographic, email Amanda Nell for details.

  • Career Specialists: Drop-In Consultations

Students can take advantage of our drop-in hours and visit with a Career Specialist to discuss majors/careers, review resumes, prepare for interviews and more.  Please direct students to our Connect with Our Staff web page.

  • Join the Career Development Network (CDN)

The Career Development Network is a group of faculty and staff committed to helping students with their career development. Individuals can receive specialized training to be a Career Services Champion to help students with career-related questions and post-grad planning.

  • Hiring and Recruiting Students

Campus employers should advertise student positions on HireMizzouTigers.com. Our staff can help you develop effective job descriptions and recruitment strategies.

  • Career Counselors: Ongoing Appointments

Students wanting more in-depth sessions can see a Career Counselor to discuss a wide range of career, academic, and social issues. Please direct students to our Career Counseling web page.

  • Subscribe to the Career Center Newsletter

Connect with the MU Career Center and keep informed of career news, events and resources by subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter.

  • Supervising Student Employees

The supervisor toolkit offers a wealth of information and resources related to recruiting and managing student employees. Please join if you are seeking to create meaningful and consistent employment experiences.  

  • Career Coaching

A&S upperclassmen can meet with the A&S Career Coach to develop post-graduation plans.  Likewise, graduate students of all disciplines can meet with a Graduate Student Career Coach to explore and prepare for diverse career pathways.

  • Become a NACE Member (for free!)

Mizzou has an institutional membership to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Members have access to extensive resources, webinars, research, discussion threads, and community insights.  Email us to express your interest.

  • Promote Career Readiness

Supervisors have the unique opportunity to help student employees reflect on how they can translate their skills toward relevant careers and enhance their career readiness on the job. Consult our Career Readiness Ideas for Supervisors handout.

Lesson Plans & Class Activities

The National Association of Colleges and Employers’  definition of career readiness and the eight core competencies.

Students develop career competencies throughout curricular and co-curricular experiences at Mizzou.  Faculty have the unique opportunity to help students reflect …

Students develop career competencies both in and out of the classroom. Supervisors of student employees have the unique opportunity to …

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