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This Career Community is focused on the many different areas students can pursue in fields of science and research. Browse blogs for career advice, look at resources for job and internship leads and watch videos profiling unique roles and occupations.

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    • Animal scientist
    • Biochemists
    • Clinical research coordinator
    • Conservation scientists
    • Economists
    • Food science technicians
    • Forensic scientists
    • Geneticists
    • Greenhouse & nursery managers
    • Hydrologists
    • Materials scientists
    • Medical scientists
    • Quality control analysts
    • Political scientists
    • Statisticians
    • Social scientists
    • Soil and plant scientists
    • Survey researchers
    • Technical writers
    • Wildlife biologists

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    Please visit Majors@Mizzou and browse this site by career interests, occupation and by School or College. Remember, these are just a few examples of degree programs. A wide variety of MU majors can lead to a successful and satisfying career in science and research.

    • Anthropology
    • Agriculture
    • Animal Science
    • Biological Science
    • Chemistry
    • Engineering
    • Environmental Science
    • Economics
    • Food Science & Nutrition
    • Geological Science
    • Health Science
    • Journalism
    • Mathematics
    • Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
    • Physics
    • Plant Sciences
    • Psychology
    • Public Health
    • Statistics

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9 Science Careers


Original Article

Imagine a world without scientists. People who work in science careers are responsible for many of the things we, as a society, benefit from every day—ways to prevent and cure diseases, new technology, …

By Guest Blogger
Guest Blogger
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Data Science Is a High-Paying, Fast-Growing Field—Here’s What You Need to Know About Entering It

Ever wonder how Instagram knows exactly what ad to show you? Or how your supermarket keeps the right food in stock? It’s probably thanks to a data scientist.

You may have heard the words “data science” tossed around a lot …

By Natalie Morse
Natalie Morse
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I Bombed the GRE – But I’m Thriving as a Ph.D. Student

The third time I took the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) was going to be my last, regardless of how I scored. I had long harbored dreams of pursuing a Ph.D., and I wanted to do well because the exam is …

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Why Science Job Seekers Need To Market Themselves—And How To Do It

Looking for a job? Get ready to market yourself.

You may be thinking marketing is something dirty or icky and that it takes time away from your work as a scientist. In actuality, marketing is exactly the opposite. It is …

By Guest Blogger
Guest Blogger
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How to Build a Scientific Career

Early-career scientists face difficult decisions when building their career in research, and indeed about whether a career in research is right for them at all. To help with these decisions, the Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative gives young scientists the opportunity …

By The Nobel Prize
The Nobel Prize
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Billed as a “one-stop shopping” location for job openings and education and career information.

Job listings for research-related positions in U.S. and around the world.

Hosted by, the site features in-depth profiles of careers in Earth/Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Engineering, Math and Computer Science.

Search current job opportunities by field of interest, region, country or company.

In addition to the job postings there is a career magazine with advice and featured employers and industries.


SSC 1150: College Success Seminar

This 2-credit hour course is intended to assist exploring students in making purposeful academic and life decisions that lead to…

SSC 2100: Career Explorations

 The goal of this course is to help students explore what to major in, what they can do with their…

Science-Related Exploration Courses

Below are a list of introductory and exploration courses for students interested in Science & Research. This list is subject…

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