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This Career Community is focused on the many different areas students can pursue in fields of science and research. Browse blogs for career advice, look at resources for job and internship leads and watch videos profiling unique roles and occupations.

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    • Animal scientist
    • Biochemists
    • Clinical research coordinator
    • Conservation scientists
    • Economists
    • Food science technicians
    • Forensic scientists
    • Geneticists
    • Greenhouse & nursery managers
    • Hydrologists
    • Materials scientists
    • Medical scientists
    • Quality control analysts
    • Political scientists
    • Statisticians
    • Social scientists
    • Soil and plant scientists
    • Survey researchers
    • Technical writers
    • Wildlife biologists

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    Please visit Majors@Mizzou and browse this site by career interests, occupation and by School or College. Remember, these are just a few examples of degree programs. A wide variety of MU majors can lead to a successful and satisfying career in science and research.

    • Anthropology
    • Agriculture
    • Animal Science
    • Biological Science
    • Chemistry
    • Engineering
    • Environmental Science
    • Economics
    • Food Science & Nutrition
    • Geological Science
    • Health Science
    • Journalism
    • Mathematics
    • Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
    • Physics
    • Plant Sciences
    • Psychology
    • Public Health
    • Statistics

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Hitched to a STAR

Aidan Wirrick came to the University of Missouri from Ballwin, Missouri, as a motivated freshman looking to fully embrace the 30,000-foot view. With a father in microbiology and a mother in communications at a manufacturing company, he had been exposed …

By Amanda Nell
Amanda Nell
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Wonder Women in STEM and the Companies that Champion Them

Although STEM employers spend billions of dollars to improve gender equality in their fields, women still face huge obstacles. Many highly-qualified women feel stuck in their careers, and more than half quit their jobs over time, according to Center for …

By Amanda Nell
Amanda Nell
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Moving From the Bench to Management: How to Become an Effective Leader

While scientists are often thought of as individual workers, being productive in a team is required for any researcher who wants to move their projects forward. A good manager can be the one to help these teams reach their goals.

By Eden Whitlock
Eden Whitlock
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How To Become a Research Scientist

If you are a naturally inquisitive person who enjoys research, you may enjoy a career as a research scientist. With a strong earning potential and the ability to research a variety of different fields, many find this job extremely fulfilling. …

By Indeed Editorial Team
Indeed Editorial Team
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Get Out of the Lab for Career Exploration

oyce sits at the lab bench, restlessly scribbling in a notebook. Last week, she successfully defended her thesis. She should feel relieved and proud, but she doesn’t. It feels like her body just replaced defense stress with not-knowing-what-to-do-next stress. For …

By Philipp Gramlich
Philipp Gramlich
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Current job and employment trends based on a NACE (national Association of Colleges and Employers) survey of recruiters who hire …

Focus 2 Am I Career Ready?

Career readiness is a foundation of eight core competencies that broadly prepare college students for lifelong success in their careers …

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