Agriculture & Natural Resources

This Career Community is focused on the many different areas students can pursue in fields of agriculture and natural resources. Browse blogs for career advice, look at resources for job and internship leads and watch videos profiling unique roles and occupations.

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    • Agricultural equipment operators
    • Agriculture science teachers
    • Animal breeders
    • Animal scientists
    • Animal trainers
    • Farm equipment service technicians
    • Farm labor contractors
    • Fishing & hunting workers
    • Farmers, ranchers, & other agricultural managers
    • Forest & conservation workers
    • Food scientists & technologists
    • Soil & plant scientists
    • Sustainability specialists
    • Veterinarians

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    Please visit Majors@Mizzou and browse this site by career interests, occupation and by School or College. Remember, these are just a few examples of degree programs. A wide variety of MU majors can lead to a successful and satisfying career in agriculture and natural resources.

    • Agricultural Systems Technology
    • Agribusiness Management
    • Agriculture
    • Animal Sciences
    • Biological Sciences
    • Environmental Science
    • Food Science & Nutrition
    • Geography
    • Geological Sciences
    • Interdisciplinary (Environmental Sciences)
    • Microbiology
    • Natural Resources Science and Management
    • Parks, Recreation and Sport
    • Plant Sciences

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Top Agriculture Jobs of the Month

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Mikayla Schaefer
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What Is the Main Role of a Safety Professional?

Environmental certifications play an essential role in preparing professionals to fulfill the functions of their jobs, functions that include implementation of best practices, compliance with governmental regulations, evaluations of clean and compromised sites, and (generally speaking) doing things that help …

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10 Compelling Reasons Why an Environmental Career is For You

Trying to decide what to study is always a challenging decision for students. They understand that their college careers are directly impacted by what they focus their attention on — as are their actual careers. No one wants to waste college …

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7 Reasons Why You Should Dive into Environmental Sciences

Picking a major is a momentous decision for a student. Sure, guidance counselors may tell you that you can always change your course of study at any time, but we all know that a shift in subject matter can seriously …

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8 Types of Jobs You Can Get as a Natural Resources Professional

Natural resources professionals are becoming increasingly important in this day and age. As the effects of climate change become more noticeable, the ways in which we use the land around us fall under greater scrutiny. Studying the evolution of ecosystems, …

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Focus 2 Am I Career Ready?

Career readiness is a foundation of eight core competencies that broadly prepare college students for lifelong success in their careers …

Find jobs in conservation, natural resources, ecology, wildlife, forestry, botany, marine biology, fisheries, and environmental education.

Aimed to help those who seek jobs in sustainability and environmental responsibility. Search green jobs in any state!


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Agriculture & Natural Resources Exploration Courses

Below are a list of introductory and exploration courses for students interested in agriculture and natural resources. This list is…

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