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Know exactly what you want to do after graduationGreat! Still exploring your options? That’s a-okay!  You don’t have to have it all figured out – the MU Career Center can help you get to where you want to be. 


  • Take Focus 2 to search for occupations and majors that fit with your interests, values, skills, and personality. Then speak with a Career Specialist about the results.
  • Complete this reflection worksheet and discuss with an advisor, friend or Career Specialist the things you enjoy and excel at.
  • Play the online Career Interests Game. Based on your responses to the question prompts, it will match your interests and skills with similar careers.
  • Arrange a career counseling appointment for help making a career decision and understanding your skills, abilities, interests, talents, and values.

  • Visit My Next Move to learn about hundreds of occupations, including required skills and education, daily tasks, wage, and employment trends for each.
  • Browse MU majors, minors, and certificates by visiting Majors@Mizzou.
  • Connect with the Discovery Center for individualized advising appointments to talk about major options whether you are an exploring student or wanting to change majors and need help determining new options.
  • Explore What Can I Do With This Major where you can connect academic majors to common career paths and see typical employers that hire those majors.

  • Carefully choose classes that are of genuine interest to you.
  • Enroll in the Student Success Center (SSC) 2100 Career Explorations course intended for those exploring majors or unsure what to do with a major.
  • Further explore career paths by making connections with faculty, staff and alumni.
  • Learn about different fields on our industry pages watching videos and reading blogs.


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Current job and employment trends based on a NACE (national Association of Colleges and Employers) survey of recruiters who hire …

Focus 2 Am I Career Ready?

Career readiness is a foundation of eight core competencies that broadly prepare college students for lifelong success in their careers …

Focus 2 Self Assessment

A free online assessment for occupations and majors specific to your personality, available remotely and at the Career Center.

Candid Career Videos

Explore career paths by accessing thousands of  videos! Short clips highlight industry professionals sharing job descriptions, backgrounds and career advice.


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