What Can I Do With This Major?

An overview of the What Can I Do With This Major? website – a great career and major exploration resource! …

Resume 101

A resume is essential to the job search. It briefly summarizes your education, experience, and the skills related to your …

Ace the Interview

Learn how to make a positive impression, effectively answer employer questions and ace your interview!

Conquering the Cover Letter

Details on how to craft a letter to help you stand out as an applicant employers get to know you …

Interpreting Your CliftonStrengths

Helping students learn about their strengths and how to leverage their unique talents at Mizzou and beyond.

Informational Interviews – Candid Career

Discover the steps to conduct a successful informational interview.

Online Image and Web Presence Videos – Candid Career

Learn how to leverage your online image and avoid making mistakes that could hurt your career. 

Graduate School Videos – Candid Career

Videos that discuss potential considerations for choosing if and where to go to graduate school.