Health, Wellness & Medicine

Health, Wellness and Medicine Exploration Courses

Below are a list of introductory and exploration courses for students interested in health, wellness and medicine. This list is subject to change; courses may not be offered every semester.  Also, prerequisites for courses are not listed. Be sure to check the course catalog for class prerequisites.

  • AN SCI 1010 Orientation to Animal Sciences
  • BIO SC 1500 Introduction to Biological Systems
  • BIO CHM 1090 Introduction to Biochemistry
  • CHEM 1320 College Chemistry I
  • DMU 1000 Introduction to Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound
  • FS 1030 Food Science and Nutrition
  • HLTH SCI 1000 Intro to the Health Professions
  • NEP 1034 Introduction to Human Nutrition
  • NURSE 1000 Advisory Seminar for Nursing
  • OC THR 1000 Introduction to Occupational Therapy
  • P HLTH 1000 Introduction to Careers in Public Health
  • P HLTH 2200 Intro to Public Health
  • PH THR 1000 Introduction to Physical Therapy
  • RS THR 1000 Introduction to Respiratory Therapy