LGBTQ Students Guide to Getting Hired

Job hunting has always been a major challenge for non-conforming gender students. LGBTQ community has gone a long way to making the working environment safe and friendly for its members, turning 3% of Fortune 500 companies into the ones which accept non-discrimination …

By Guest Blogger
Guest Blogger
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Don’t Just Settle for a Mentor, Look for a Sponsor

Back in October, I attended a conference designed to help motivate and inspire new and future entrepreneurs. I listened with enthusiasm as a variety of industry leaders talked about their experiences, the good, the bad, and complicated parts of their …

By Jessica Pharm
Jessica Pharm
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Interviewing While Non-Binary | Tips for Job Hunting with Confidence

For a growing number of individuals publicly identifying as non-binary, the job search and application process can be filled with a lot of unknowns. In addition to preparing for interview questions and wondering if you’ll connect with the hiring manager, …

By Joeli Katz
Joeli Katz
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