10 Steps to Make a Great Impression

Handshake wants you to make a great first impression when you step into your new job or internship. They have listed out their top 10 ways to put your best foot forward when you walk in the door.  

  1. Get Enough Sleep

You’ll feel better, have more energy, and be able to concentrate.

  1. Dress Appropriately:

Check out the MU Career Center Pinterest to find boards for Gender Neutral, Women’s and Men’s professional attire examples.

  1. Be a little early

Set an alarm and give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Research your travel time if you’re taking public transportation or driving. Then, add in a little extra time to account for any unforeseen delays or traffic. 

  1. Smile and Make Eye Contact

When you’re meeting new coworkers, always smile and maintain eye contact as you’re speaking with them.

  1. Introduce Yourself

Meeting other people and building connections will make all the difference in your work experience.

  1. Take Initiative

Be sure to show your team this enthusiasm when taking on new projects.

  1. Ask Questions

Your coworkers probably aren’t aware if they’re leaving out the information you need. They’ll appreciate it when you ask questions because it shows you want to learn and perform your job well.

  1. Listen and Take Notes

Taking notes is the best way to remember the deluge of information you’ll receive. 

  1. Put Your Phone Down

You don’t want to look like you’re distracted or not working—especially if your boss walks by.

  1. Be Friendly and Professional

Start by keeping your conversations to work-related topics, and eventually, you’ll build comradery with your colleagues.

By Amanda Nell
Amanda Nell